MJNK HCHR Consulting

The Brief

MJNK is a one-stop solution for home care agencies and home care-related companies. MJNK specializes in Remote Home Care Scheduling Services, Home Care Consulting, and HR/Recruiting duties. MJNK prides itself on finding the best home care workers and connecting them with the clients who need them. While homecare agencies can use the services for free, clients can purchase access to the system to get their help. For such a global cause they need a website.


Home Care Services



Services Involved

Web Design
Web Development
Content Writing




Omer Farooq helped the MJNK company to create a fantastic website. He ensured the website showed social media links, SEO-friendly content, and fully-optimized web pages. Moreover, he also helped in creating a striking site and a plugin to speed up the WordPress website! 

Omer Farooq ensures that MJNK company has the best possible experience for the clients and caregivers. With the website, caregivers can call in, and ask for their schedule and the best part is that they can also cancel their appointment in just a few seconds. This way the MJNK company can reach out to the right people and make everything as convenient as possible.


Omer Farooq creates a WordPress CMS site for Gourmet Homes and Furnishers that will satisfy their needs. With the new design, the company managed to increase its lead generation by 20%. The site is now mobile responsive, has clear calls-to-action, and visible content hierarchy, and it guarantees the best customer experience digitally.

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