Silver Legacy Home Care​

The Brief

The local community will receive friendly and professional home care services from Silver Legacy Home Care, which will constantly strive to surpass all standards. With the conviction that the finest care is provided when top talent is retained, trained, and balanced between the demands of the client and the field employee, Silver Legacy Home Care was established on a foundation of compassion, sympathy, and cumulative experience in home care.

Regardless of the good cause, Silver Legacy Homecare was having trouble with their website and SEO. The website is slow, you can’t get the users to stick around. If they don’t stay on your site, they won’t get anything, sign up, or contact us.


Home Care Service​



Services Involved

Web Design
Web Development
Content Writing



Website creation that is SEO friendly and optimised for speed using Elementor theme and WP rocket plugin is the best fit solution for Silver Legacy. This helps Silver Legacy homecare get high traffic, seamless websites. They contacted Omer Farooq. With his help, they are now able to create a fast and SEO-friendly site with ease — one that will rank high in search engines and bring them more traffic than ever before!


The right website can help you achieve success in all aspects of your business, while the wrong one can doom your company’s campaigns. Creating a website is daunting, and using plugins, themes, and SEO tools can be confusing. Omer Farooq made a website that is easy to set up, easy to customize and fast loading. The Elementor WordPress theme is SEO friendly, and the WP rocket plugin ensures your website loads quickly so that you don’t miss out on any valuable opportunities.

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